Term of Condition

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Self Drive

Term of Payment

a. The rental fee is as determined in the invoice in accordance to the initial agreement between Nemob.id and the Lessee.

b. Self-drive fee are count based on the basic vehicle rental costs that does not include to vehicle costs operation (such as fuel, toll fees, parking fees, delivery fees and/or pick up vehicles to the lessee’s address, 10% VAT, etc.), unless stated otherwise by and between Nemob.id and the Lessee.

c. The Lessee shall made the payment in “advance” before using the rental service (a maximum of 4 hours before the lease time starts and/or after the Lessee is approved "Verified" by Nemob.id). Unless there are additional unexpected costs that occur during the rental period (such as extending the lease period, overtime, etc.), then the following payment can be made.

d. In the event of extending the lease service period and/or overtime, the lessee shall notify Nemob.id in advance and settle the payment in accordance with the amount of the additional rental fees and/or over time that has been mutually agreed upon (maximum 4 hours before the end of the rental period).

e. The definition of an additional rental fee or an extension of the rental period is an extension of the duration / rental period calculated per day, at least 1 (one) day.

f. The definition of overtime is the extension of the rental period which is calculated per hour, and the maximum overtime is 3 (three) hours.

g. Payment can be made by the Lessee through the payment gateway that have been determined by Nemob.id, both inside and outside the Nemob.id application such as: credit cards (Visa, Master, BCA), Virtual Account transfers, or bank transfers to Nemob`s account. Except under certain conditions otherwise stated by Nemob.id.

h. Under certain conditions (specifically for the Lessee in the form of `Entity` which is declared valid and legally valid in Indonesia), Nemob.id has the rights to ask the Lessee to pay a deposit in advance and after the rental completion period, the user must complete the shortage of bill payments through payment gateway facilities that have been determined by Nemob.id, both inside and outside the Nemob.id application such as: credit cards (Visa, Master, BCA), Virtual Account transfers, or transfers to bank accounts owned by Nemob.id.

i. If there are additional costs such as fuel shortages (fuel stock indicators after the end of the rental period are not the same and/or less than before the rental started), excess usage distance/kilometers, dirty and smelly car conditions (exterior and/or interior), etc. will be billed directly by Nemob.id to the Lessee after the end of the rental period.

j. For cancellation of rent for any reason, rent paid will automatically be forfeited / non-refundable.

k. The Lessee are REQUIRED to provide personal data and a survey to the location of their home and/or work/business place for data verification. If the Lessee is NOT WILLING to be surveyed after payment, the Lessee will only receive a refund of 50% (fifty percent) of the total rental price which will be transferred to the Lessee's account within 14 (fourteen) working days after the rental refusal.

l. If Nemob has conducted a survey to the Lessee, but the survey results are not approved by Nemob with certain considerations and reasons, then Nemob has the right to cancel the lease and the Lessee will receive a refund of 50% (fifty percent) of the rental fee which will be transferred to the Lessee's account within 14 (fourteen) working days after the refusal of the lease.

m. Specifically for Lessee from outside Jabodetabek area have to show a roundtrip ticket, Lessee also needs to show proof of staying place (Hotel, Apartment, etc) during the booking period. If it isn't satisfied, then the order will be canceled and the rental fee will be refunded by 50% only from the total of the rental fee, which will be transferred to the Lessee's Bank Account within 14 (fourteen) working days after the cancelation.

Rental Term and Condition

1. The minimum age required for vehicle leasing is 17 years old and the maximum is 60 years old.

2. The lessee agrees to be surveyed to the current living address/residence and/or office (place of work) and/or place of business (the survey location will be determined by Nemob.id / in accordance with a mutual agreement ), and the lessee shall provide the supporting survey documents if needed, such as Domicile Certificate (if the domicile address is different from the ID card address) ownership certificate of the house and/or work certificate and/or other supporting documents that can be accounted for.

3. Before signing the rental agreement, Lessees are required to inform documents and personal data in advance, in the form of original photos / copies of these documents which can be sent via Email and/or Whatsapp Number belonging to Nemob.id, such as:

  1. Electronic-KTP or Passport (Lessee’s identity).
  2. Driving License(type A, Indonesia) / International Driving License.
  3. Family Card (KK).
  4. KITAS / KITAP (foreigners only).
  5. Emergency Contact (family who can be contacted), berupa : Name, Address, Phone Number, and Relationship with the Lessee).
  6. Employment data accompanied by supporting documents : ID Card / Name Card/ Work Certificate (Private Employee / Instansi lain).
  7. Business ownership data accompanied by supporting documents: Evidence of Business Legality (Entrepreneur).

4. The lessee is required to submit one of the following documents (ORIGINAL Version) in advance (in this case, the `Guaranteed Document`), before signing the lease agreement:

  1. Electronic-KTP or Passport (Lessee’s identity), or
  2. Driving License(type C, Indonesia) / Vehicle registration license owned by the Lessee.

5. Lessee is required to submit a Deposit (in this case called `Deposit`) before the rental period begins/at the time of the vehicle handover which is the total price of car rental per day, unless otherwise stated by Nemob.id, the amount of the Deposit can be adjusted. Specifically for Nemob service point orders (locations in hotels or other location that have collaboration with Nemob.id), the Deposit shall be given to Nemob.id at the time of surveying to the lessee`s address location by cash payment or transfer to Nemob.id company`s bank account

6. Deposit Payment can be made by bank transfer through Nemob.id account listed in the invoice/order receipt.

7. All the documents and deposits from the lessee will be kept by Nemob.id as the collateral during the rental period and will be returned to the lessee after the rental period ends (if there are no problems during the rental period: vehicle damage, etc.).

8. Deposit returns will be made by Nemob.id through bank transfer to the lessee`s bank account a maximum of 7 (seven) working days after the rental period ends and receiving information on the lessee’s bank account number (if there are no problems during the rental period: vehicle damage, etc.).

9. The lessee agrees to collect the vehicle at the beginning of the lease (in this case: `initial handover`) at the head office / branch office / representative office / Nemob.id locations in Indonesia (in this case referred to as: ` Nemob.id office `) and / or the location of the lessee address and/or other location in accordance with the agreement between Nemob.id and the lessee.

10. The lessee is required to return the vehicle in a good and complete condition as when the vehicle was taken at the end of the rental period (in this case, `final handover`) to the initial handover or the location as agreed by the Lessee and Nemob.id.

11. In the event that the handover of the vehicle must be carried out by Nemob with the lessee directly and may not be represented by anyone, except with certain terms and conditions after obtaining approval from Nemob.id.

12. The lessee is required to pay additional fees if the initial handover and/or final handover are taken out differently from the Nemob.id office. The amount of the additional fees depends on the distance calculated from the distance of the Nemob.id office to the vehicle handover location.

13. The lessee is required to pay additional fees of the overtime in the event of the usage exceeds the predetermined time limit. The overtime fee is: 10% per hour of the total rental price and the maximum limit of the overtime is 3 hours. In the event of the overtime is more than 3 hours, 1 day rental fee will apply.

14. In the event of the vehicle experiences any loss/accidents/damages/theft and/or fined, the lessee are required to contact and report to Nemob.id and submit immediately the fined or loss document as well as all supporting data.

15. In the event of the vehicle is being fined by the police, all costs incurred will be the responsibility of the Lessee and the vehicle registration license shall not be used as the document retention to the Police. When the rental period ends and the vehicle license do not return, the lessee undertakes to pay Rp. 500,000; (Five hundred thousand rupiah) to Nemob.id.

16. If the vehicle registration is lost, the Lessee will be responsible for all costs incurred for processing the document until a new new vehicle registration is issued from the authority.

17. If there is an electronic ticketing (ETLE / E-Tilang) which is proven to be caused by a traffic violation committed by the Lessee during the rental period, the Lessee is obliged and willing to be billed and pays the entire Electronic Ticketing (ETLE) fee recorded for the Lessee`s violation, even though the ETLE Notification Letter was only received by Nemob.id from the police long after the rental period ended.

18. If the vehicle had an accident/damaged either partially or completely caused by anything, the Lessee must be responsible to repair or replace any spare parts costs the exact amount as the actual costs for it (price transparency between nemob and the Lessee), or a minimum amount of Rp. 500,000; (Five Hundred Thousand Rupiah) per accident for insurance claim.

19. If car damage cannot be covered by insurance caused by events that are excluded by insurance, then the Lessee is MANDATORY to pay overall compensation for the cost of repairing the car at the repair shop that has been agreed upon with Nemob.id until the car can function normally.

20. If the vehicle is stolen / lost, the lessee must be fully responsible for compensation with the market value of the rented unit. NEMOB will assist in the insurance claim process for partial replacement of the unit value covered by insurance, however, all management costs and the remaining value shortage that is not covered by insurance are the responsibility of the lessee. And during the insurance claim process, the lessee is responsible for paying the rent for the unit until NEMOB receives full compensation from the lessee & the insurer.

21. In the event of the vehicle experiences a accident / damage caused by anything, the lessee obliged to pay compensation for repairs / insurance in accordance with point (18) and (19) above, and also obliged to pay rent during the repair process of the vehicle through the insurance until completion.

22. Every extension and/or cancellation of the rental period must be notified in advance to Nemob.id. In the event of the extension of the rental period, the lessee shall inform Nemob.id in no later than 6 hours before the rental period ends.

23. The maximum Mileage per day is 250 (Two Hundred Forty) Kilometers and/or multiples during the rental period. In the event of the use of the vehicle exceeds the specified maximum limit, the Lessee agrees to pay an additional fee of Rp. 2,000 (Two Thousand Rupiah) / Kilometer.

24. The use of vehicles is only allowed in the areas of Jabodetabek. Carrying vehicles outside the area or heading to port is strictly prohibited.

25. In the event of the Lessee use the vehicle out of the specific area, Nemob.id has the rights to give a warning, charge a fine, turn “engine off” of the vehicle and forcibly take the vehicle back from the last location without the consent of the lessee.

26. Any costs arising from forcibly taking the vehicles at the last location which are intentionally caused and/or negligence by the lessee are borne to the lessee.

27. The Lessee undertakes to exempt Nemob.id under no cirmcumstances from any claims arising from the termination of the lease.

28. The Lessee is prohibited to grant the vehicles to the underage and/or other party who do not have the legal driving license by the authorized party which can be proven with a driving license (type A, Indonesia).

29. The Lessee is prohibited from lending vehicles to other people who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol and/or using the vehicle for criminal purposes/activities.

30. The Lessee is prohibited to use the vehicles for racing, campaigning, or any purposes and any reasons that is prohibited and contrary to the laws and regulations in force in Indonesia.

31. The Lessee is prohibited from lending, renting out, giving, and/or transferring the vehicle to another party as a gift/pledge (collateral) for any reason.

32. The Lessee is prohibited from driving a vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol and/or using a vehicle for criminal purposes/activities.

33. The Lessee agrees to maintain the vehicle cleanliness, both interior and exterior. Lessee and its passengers are prohibited to smoke in the vehicle. If it is proven that smoking in the vehicle, the lessee will be fined Rp. 100,000; (One hundred thousand rupiah).

34. When the Lessee returns the vehicle (final handover), the fuel position (especially for conventional cars) must be the same and/or match the fuel position when the vehicle was first handed over by Nemob.id to the Lessee (initial handover). The lessee is obliged to compensate for each shortage of fuel in the amount of Rp. 50,000; (Fifty Thousand Rupiah) per bar/strip.

35. At the time of returning the vehicle (final handover), Lessee is required to return the vehicle in complete and clean condition (exterior and interior). Nemob.id will not bear the cost if the vehicle is returned in a dirty condition (exterior) and also if there are spilled drinks (coffee, soda, milk, etc.) in the interior of the vehicle, used for storing goods/food that smells very pungent and hard to remove (fish sea, durian, etc.), vomit, even trash scattered in the car. If this happens, the Lessee is obliged to bear all costs incurred for carrying out general cleaning of the vehicle until the unit is clean again and the smell is gone as before.


a. Nemob.id has the full right to terminate the rental period, with or without prior notification, with condition :

  1. The lessee does not agree to be surveyed;
  2. Survey results and pre-order verification are invalid;
  3. The lessee cannot show proof of booking roundtrip tickets and proof of rental/proof of residence/stay (hotels, apartments, etc.) during the rental period;
  4. The lessee are known to not be able to drive a vehicle properly which is feared to cause undesirable things (accidents, etc.);
  5. Has a high frequency of accidents record during the rental period;
  6. If data and/or documents are found that are suspected to be fake (invalid and cannot be legally justified) and/or expired documents related to the Lessee requirements and identification;
  7. The Lessee are known to violate the provisions of Lease Terms And Condition listed in points no. 24-32;

b. All things caused by number (a) points (i), (ii) and (iii) above, then the rental fee that has been paid will be returned / refunded to the Lessee as stated in the TERM Of PAYMENT number (k), (l) and (m) above. And all things caused by number (a) points (iv) to (viii) above, then the rental fee that has been paid and/or if there is still a remaining rental period, cannot be returned to the Lessee / NON – REFUNDABLE.

c. It is agreed that under no circumstances, in accordance with the date of this agreement, the Lessee shall submit and return the vehicle to Nemob.id in good and complete condition.

d. In the event of returning the vehicle, the lessee and Nemob.id shall inspect and re-ensure that no lessee’s belongings/documents are left in the vehicle. After completing the lease and final handover, Nemob.id is not responsible for any loss of goods/documents left in the vehicle.

e. In the event of the lessee returns the vehicle before the end of the rental period, the remaining rental fee will not be returned for any reason (NON-REFUNDABLE).

f. In the event of the lessee returns the vehicle with a fuel amount that exceeds the fuel amount at the beginning of the lease, then the excess fuel cannot be returned in any form (NON-REFUNDABLE).

g. In the event of the lessee is involved in a crime/criminal act and/or other unlawful actions that result in the Nemob.id vehicle being confiscated by the authorities, the lessee must be responsible and bear all costs and losses that arise.

h. All forms of deviation and/or violation of the applicable Terms and Conditions are entirely the responsibility of the Lessee, and Nemob.id has the right to take legal action in accordance with the laws and regulations in the Republic of Indonesia.

The Lessee is hereby deemed to have read and agreed to all the rights and obligations of the lessee so that the lessee is obliged to follow the applicable Terms and Conditions. All forms of violations and/or deviations outside of the provisions mentioned above, are fully the responsibility of the Lessee and free Nemob.id from all lawsuits that apply in the Republic of Indonesia.

Rent With Driver


1. There is no refund for the rental cancellation


1. The use of car rental per day with driver is maximum 22.00 o’clock.

2. Over time will be charged 10% per hour of the rental price, and will be paid on the spot at the time of use the car is finished.


1. Price not included toll charges, parking, fuel, entrance tickets sights, meal driver and lodging expenses driver (if they stay).

2. Meal driver charges is IDR 50.000 / day, Lodging cost driver is IDR 150.000 / day.

3. Price is only valid for the area in the city.

4. If you are about to go out of town, please choose the extra charges.

5. Car owners are entitled charge an additional fee for pick-up with a mileage of over 20 km in the amount of IDR 50,000

6. Shuttle service to the Airport, Renter will be charged an additional fee in the amount of IDR 50,000.

7. Loss or damage of renter stuff is not the responsible of the car owner and Nemob.

8. For use outside of the city (other than those in extra charges), is obliged to notify in advance to Nemob (0811-8853-322).

9. The Rental schedule can be reschedule maximum 2 weeks from the start of the initial rental schedule

10. Only serve trips within the city in accordance with PSBB regulations and local area lockdowns

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