Why Become A Nemob Partner?


Nemob will not charge any fee for you to join a partnership


Latest Technology Application

Nemob provides a website and application with features that will support you

More Promotion, More Income

Nemob will do promotions, add networks and reduce cancellations to optimize your income.



You are free to choose the order acceptance and time of service

Filtered Renters

Nemob will filter the renters before they can rent the car


Transparent Financial Statements

Nemob provides a free and complete financial statement

How Nemob Self Drive Works

We Will Manage Your Car

Be our partner and we will manage your car for you. You will earn additional income from your car without doing any extra work.


We Will Install The Highest Level Security System

No need to worry about your car’s safety. Nemob will install a GPS, a bugging device and an on/off switch, so you can easily track your car.


We Will Cover Your Car With an Insurance

With Nemob, your car will be covered with insurance against theft, so you don’t have to hesitate to leave your car to us.


We Will Market and Promote Your Car

Let us market your car. We will promote your car through various networks to make sure you get a maximum income.


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Currently, We Only Accept Automatic Cars


Testimonials from Our Partners

Akbar Agil - Pengusaha

I had an idle car at home that I originally wanted to sell. Fortunately, I changed my mind when I saw a post about Nemob Partnership on Instagram. Now I get to earn an additionalmonthlyincome from my car.

Mumtaz Nashiby – Konsultan

I used to rent out my car to the popular online transportation app. But Isoon felt that it was becoming less profitable. I tried searching for other alternatives, and I found Nemob. It offers me more benefits and I have less concern about my car.

Fivaldi Pradipta - Designer

I started as a renter at Nemob, and now I’ve decided to become a partner. I’ve never been disappointed by the service and security. And now, I can earn more income through my idle car.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Nemob

What is Nemob?
Nemob is an online marketplace that offers car rental service –both self-drive and with driver.
What Is Nemob Partner?
Nemob Partner is every car owner that leaves their car to Nemob's platform to be rented out.
How to join Nemob?
You can join us by filling out the form on this website. Our team will contact you at the latest 72 working hours from the time you submit the form.
The Benefits of Renting Out a Car in Nemob?
  • A high passive income (up to 9 million Rupiah per month before commission charge, operational costs, maintenance, etc.)
  • Car security is ensured with GPS tracker and protection from our partnered insurance company.

About Nemob Partner

What are the requirements to be Nemob partner?
  1. Own MVP cars, such as Avanza, Xenia, Mobilio, Honda Brio, Kijang Innova, etc.
  2. Cars must have automatic transmission (we do not accept units with manual-transmission)
  3. Cars are (or will be) insured with all-risk insurance
  4. Cars are not more than 4 years old
  5. Vehicle registration (STNK) is still active for at least the next 3 months
How do Nemob Partners make an income?
For each day your car is rented, you will get an income based on the pre-determined rate. That income will then be reduced by Nemob's service fee, and other operational costs, such as parking fees, maintenance fee, etc. Every month, the accumulated income will be reported and paid to each Nemob Partner.
Does my car's Vehicle Registration (STNK) need to be active?
Yes. It has to be active for at least the next 3 months after car submission.
Does my car have to be covered by an insurance?
Your car has to be covered with all-risk insurance. Nemob will provide an additional theft by driver insurance that will be charged on the customers.

About Rights and Obligations & Nemob Partner's Operational Costs

How is the calculation of my monthly income?
Your car will be rented out based on the determined rate. Your accumulated income from the rent will be reduced by 30% for commission towards Nemob. Additionally, your income will be reduced by operational costs, such as parking fees, GPS subscription, etc. Your financial statements will be sent out on the 1st day of every month, and you will be paid on the 10th day, at the latest.
Do I have to pay when I register as a Nemob Partner?
There will only be a one-time fee of GPS installation, which is 600 thousand rupiah.
As a Nemob Partner, do we have to pay any operational costs, such as cleaning fee, parking fee, and fuel costs?
Yes—there will be a parking fee and a GPS subscription fee every month. Other operational costs, like car wash, car service, etc. will also be charged from the Partner's income each month.
Do we have to pay any costs after our contract as Nemob Partner is over?
There will be a GPS detachment fee of 600 thousand rupiah when the contract ends. (Or you do have an option to buy the GPS by paying 1.2 million rupiah).

About Car Security

How does Nemob ensure car security?
Every partner's car will be equipped with GPS. Each partner is also required to cover their car with All-Risk insurance to ensure the car's safety from accidents.
Will there be any safety-tools installation on the car?
There will be a GPS in each car so our team can monitor your car's movement when it is being rented out. Nemob will also be able to bug your car and switch off its engine if there is any odd occurrence happening during the rent.
Is there any rental fee for the tools?

About Car Damage

How do Nemob Partners know the condition/damage that happens to their car while it's being rented out?
If any damage/accident occurs, Nemob will inform it to you, and Nemob will bring your car to a workshop that is partnered with your all-risk insurance. The deductible fee will be paid by Nemob—with the maximum of 500 thousand rupiah per accident. Nemob IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE AND CAN REMOVE YOU from our contract if the car owner does not have all-risk insurance, as instructed during the contract signing.

About Car Theft

If a car theft occurs, will it be covered by Nemob?
Your car will be covered with theft by driver insurance when you rent them out.

About Partnership Period

How long is the partnership period?
12 months
Will the partnership contract be automatically renewed?
1 month prior to the end of the contract, a new contract will be sent out according to the deal.
If a Partner decides to quit while the contract is still ongoing, do we have to fulfill any requirement?
The Partner has to pay GPS detachment fee of 600 thousand rupiah, and an early cancellation fee of 1 million rupiah.

About Renter

Who will be able to drive my car?
Renters from Nemob.id whose ID and car license authenticity have been checked. We will keep 1 private data from the renters and a 500 thousand rupiah deposit during the rental period.

About the Rental

How is the car rental system in Nemob?
Future customers can contact Nemob's Customer Service or order a car directly through the smartphone application or Nemob's website.
How do I get the information about my car's renter?
On the first day of each month, you will get the report about your car's usage on the previous month. Payment will be done at the latest on the 10th day of the month.
Can owners track their cars in real-time while it's being rented out?
At the moment, you are unable to do that. However, our team will be able to keep monitoring your car's location while it is being rented out.
Can I ask for the supporting documents of Self-Drive renters?
No. Supporting documents are confidential—and therefore can only be released by Nemob when an accident or theft occurs.
When is an order considered "Booked"?
When the customer has finished their payment.
Can I cancel an order that has been considered "Booked"?
No, you can't. Unless it is a force majeure situation, and with an approval from Nemob.
Can my car be rented outside the city?
Yes. With a regional boundary.
May I use my car any time while it’s being rented out on Nemob?
Yes you may—as long as your car hasn’t been reserved by any customer. And you will be charged a normal rental fee like other customers or a normal rental fee that has been deducted by the 30% Nemob commission.


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