how to rent car step 1

Search Car

Find the car you want by entering your message details, such as:

  • Select your city or pick-up location
  • Select the date of pick-up and the date of completion of use
  • Choose the type of car you want to rent
  • Click "Search Car"
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Choose Car

Select and click the car you want to rent. If the car that appears does not match what you want, you can do a car search like the previous step. The price displayed is the price for use in the city.

how to rent step 2
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how to rent step 3

Book Car

Before you book a car, first you must login into Nemob account (if you do not have a Nemob account yet). You must register into Nemob account so we can process your reservation.

To book a reservation, you must enter message details such as:

  • Select the date of pickup and the date of completion of use
  • Choose your pickup location
  • Select the pickup time and duration of use that you want
  • Select Add-ons if you want to rent a car for out-of-town use (the car usage includes fuel etc.)
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Choose the payment method you want. Nemob has various payment methods which are credit card, bank transfer, virtual account on Permata Bank, Mandiri click pay etc.

how to rent step 4
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how to rent step 5


After you have finished the payment, reservation status is divided into 7 steps, which are:

  • Payment : You have not selected any payment method
  • Confirm: This status is available if you choose bank transfer as your payment method and you are required to fill out a payment confirmation to Nemob
  • Waiting: Payment has been received and you need to wait for customer service confirmation
  • Upcoming: Your order has been confirmed by customer service
  • Ongoing: Your order is being processed
  • Completed: Your order has been completed
  • Cancel: If you do not make a payment in accordance with the time specified, your booking is canceled
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