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To support the performance of your business, the presence of operational cars very important. But it is also undeniable that the budget needed to get this operational car also quite large. One of the best solutions for cutting operational budgets your company is by car rental. Therefore Nemob comes with Nemob services for business.

What is Nemob for business? Long-term car rental services for operations that are specific to business activists and also corporations.

This service aims to enable businesses to have operational cars without having to buy the car. With a rental car you can cut costs that are quite large, including the cost of maintaining the car.

You also do not need to spend more funds when there are activities outside the office or meeting outside the office. Click the button below to contact us.

sewa mobil perusahaan

The benefits that you can get when using Nemob services for Business

  • You can cut down substantial costs. From the budget to buy an operational car you can allocate to rent several operational cars with an annual period.
  • You can get the latest car you want.
  • Car maintenance and service costs are borne by the rental provider.
  • The vehicle you rent is insured and guaranteed.

Car Choices You Can Rent

rental mobil korporasi
sewa mobil untuk kantor
rental mobil operasional perusahaan
rental mobil korporasi
sewa mobil untuk kantor
rental mobil operasional perusahaan

The best price you can get with a minimum of 6 months rent.

Give your best offer via our email at

Nemob is the best and most trusted company operational car rental service in Indonesia. Nemob provides a wide selection of cars with manual and automatic transmissions. The type of car we rented out between MPV, SUV, Compact and Sedan. If you have questions you can contact us via WA at the following number 0857-5509-5119/0817-0337-7647.


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